Fitness success spotlight: Knowledge empowers

“I was doing at least two hours of cardio a day between walking at lunch and in the evening, but I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted.” UK employee Tina Payne says. Aiming for better results, Tina turned to UK Health and Wellness for expert guidance on both exercise and nutrition.

The initial information she learned from Carrie Davidson, ACSM HFS, RYT 200, in her exercise consult was game-changing:

“I discovered that resistance training was equally and possibly more important terms of more efficiently burning calories.”

Tina Payne, Administrative Associate, Division of Gynecologic Oncology

Instead of using her lunch break to walk two miles everyday, she now goes to MoveWell at Seaton Center three times a week to do strength (sometimes called resistance) training. Tina notes, “It’s only a five-minute walk from my office, and membership is such a low cost – joining was a no-brainer.”

MoveWell membership benefits do not end with fitness facility access, and Tina did not stop there either. After learning resistance training was the missing piece, she wanted more information to get started with a workout routine.

“I decided to do a training session to learn which specific exercises were known to be effective for my goals, weight management and toning muscle,” Tina says. “Plus, I wanted assurance that I’m doing a balanced workout – I didn’t want to end up with huge biceps or something.”

During Tina’s training session, MoveWell fitness staff member Jackie Peterson developed a custom training plan for her, giving her the framework she needed.

“I love checking off my exercises on my training plan grid, it keeps me on task and takes the guesswork out of what exercises to do and how many of each,” Tina says.

Tina notes the back and forth with the staff has been helpful, too. “The personal attention from the staff has made a big impact on my progress. Carrie, Jackie and other Seaton Center staff who have assisted me have been great about answering questions and assuring me I’m on the right track with everything, from when to increase reps to helping me figure out if I’m doing a mat exercise targeting the right area. Their feedback helps motivate me to keep it up.”

Tina also sought guidance through a nutrition consult with dietitian Karen Bryla McNees, EdD, RD, to further address her weight management goal.

“Knowing a holistic approach to health is important, I figured it couldn’t hurt to also talk to a dietitian,” Tina says. “I had no interest in going on a strict diet, but I did want someone to tell me how my eating habits were affecting my ability to stabilize weight.”

She describes her nutrition consult: “Karen helped me realize what I considered my ‘good days’ I was actually calorie deficient and possibly putting my body into starvation mode. What I considered my ‘bad days,’ where I may have been overeating, were doubly bad because my body was in that mode of storing as much as possible.”

After just a few months, Tina is already seeing the results she wanted. “My clothes fit better and I generally felt better about everything,” Tina says. She describes first noticing a difference “even about a month into the new routine.”

Her takeaway? Do enough of the activities that make an impact on goals and a lot of what she enjoys.

“Now, I still walk, bike and play golf like I always did simply because I like to do it, but adding resistance training is what did the trick stabilizing my weight and becoming more fit. Knowledge of that motivates me to keep going back to the gym,” Tina says.

An equally important result: These new routines and frameworks have helped alleviate stress.

“I don’t worry so much about my weight fluctuating,” Tina says. “One of the best things about all of this is that there’s less stress in my life because now I know what works for me.”


One thought on “Fitness success spotlight: Knowledge empowers

  1. Love this article! “Lift heavy things” is my new motto of late — long term raised basal metabolism for more effective calorie burning, even when I’m asleep. So glad she was able to stop doing so much cardio as it can really take a lot of time!


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