App spotlight: StretchClock

Think you don’t have time to move more? Think again. The possibilities are endless for creatively sneaking light physical activity into your current daily routine.

For example, many of us with sedentary desk jobs enjoy a stretch break reminder app called StretchClock.

UK faculty Dr. Rowles uses StretchClock
UK College of Public Health’s Dr. Graham Rowles uses StretchClock.

It’s free and easy to download to your computer. Here’s how it works:

1. You choose how often StretchClock reminds you to stretch.


2. Every time StretchClock reminds you to stretch, it automatically opens a short, 45- to 60-second video of easy stretches to perform at your desk.


StretchClock may or may not be what works to get you moving during your workday, but its fundamental principles point to an important takeaway: make movement easy and convenient for yourself. Try taking those guiding principles and applying them to other parts of your workday and you’ll be surprised how the small activities you adopt become priorities for your lifestyle.

For those with desk jobs, here are several examples to get you thinking:

  1. If you have a personal printer, move it far away so you have to at least stand up to use it. Is there a common space or another office where you could re-locate it?
  2. When your phone rings, use it as a reminder to stand up. You could even try marching in place while on the phone.
  3. Try walking meetings. Not only do they keep you from remaining sitting, but they also foster creativity.
  4. Instead of automatically calling or emailing a co-worker (or using campus mail to deliver something), consider the option of walking over to their workstation.
  5. Park at a lot or garage farther away from your office or workstation.
  6. Use break time for walking. Remember, even five minutes around your building counts.
  7. Sit on a ball instead of a desk chair to keep your core and back muscles engaged throughout the day.
  8. Try a treadmill work station.
  9. Keep resistance bands or other exercise accessories in your desk to use on a break.

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