What can I do to feel less drained?

What’s continually weighing you down like a ton of bricks? What did you say “yes” to that you’re now resenting? What’s zapping your energy, tripping up your productivity or stealing your joy? Or, as Author Jim Collins wrote in an article for USA Todaywhat’s on your “Stop Doing” list?

This week, get curious about activities, tasks or encounters that fill you up and strengthen you compared to things that weaken or drain you. What patterns do you notice? What choices are available to you? What are the things moving you away from living well?

A “Stop Doing” list can be a bridge to increased self-compassion and freedom. When we choose to stop doing something that’s keeping us stuck or resentful, we open up space, time and energy to thrive.

Do you need support for crafting your list or taking the next steps? UK Health & Wellness is here to help – consider health coaching as a starting point.


2 thoughts on “What can I do to feel less drained?

  1. Nice site, good advice. My stop doing list is listed below (along with some keep doings).

    Stop snacks between meals, especially after supper and before bedtime.
    Work to be less irritable and more charitable when having disagreements with others.
    Don’t fret the small stuff and remember to find time to relax, meditate, sit on the open back porch and see and feel the beautiful view, wind, sounds and fresh air.

    Continue to read good books and magazines such as Smithsonian, Natural History, National Geographic and listening to NPR.

    Walk outside every day for at least 45 minutes or more preferably on the steep hilly rural road on which our house is located or on a nearby quiet road that has 6 long steep hills with a total length of 2.3 miles. Do so for at least 3 days a week on the longer and more steep hilly road.

    Continue to find joy and work well done in daily chores including washing the dishes each evening, vacuuming and washing floors, bathrooms and doing other chores including home and landscape maintenance. Continue my hobby of wood carving, but remember not to sit and carve for hours because doing so is painful and not healthy. Remember to limit wood carving sessions to and hour or so and mix sitting with standing.

    Continue interacting and enjoying my 7 grandchildren’s adventures, accomplishments and friendships.

    Stop worrying that illness forced me to retire from a job that I loved and from which I also derived a great deal of satisfaction from both the work and the interaction with colleagues. Find some local agency or organization when I can use my skills to be of service to others and develop new colleagues and friends.

    Visit with family members and friends often by phone and in person when possible.

    Go the bed every night at 10:30 PM after first resting, reading and engaging in some quiet and relaxing conversation or activity with my wife.


    1. Thanks for sharing your lists, Henry! You’re so right, by letting go of the things on your stop doing list, you open up more time and energy to do the things that bring you joy, help you feel better and cultivates more meaning! If UK Health & Wellness can support you in any way with your YES list, don’t hesitate to let us know!


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