Kale 101

Loaded with vitamin A, C and K, minerals and fiber, there is no question kale is one nutritious vegetable — and it’s available year-round. Whether you continue receiving kale weekly in your Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or picked up a seemingly endless supply at the Lexington Farmers Market, these recipes will help you use all of this hearty green in creative ways. Watch this kitchen demo featuring kale recipes designed for kale lovers and kale newbies alike.

UK Dietitian Vanessa Oliver, M.S. R.D., L.D., shows the incredible versatility of kale by offering a variety of recipes, including some highlighting the taste and flavor and others where kale is hidden.

Watch the full video of our Veg Out workshop on kale and learn:

  • Best practices for storing and keeping kale fresh
  • Ideas about how to use kale leaves and stems
  • Methods for preparing raw kale
  • And more tips and tricks for eating well and enjoying kale!

What you need to know:

Green curly, Red Russian, Tuscan black (also called Lacinato or dinosaur)

Refrigerate in plastic bag with a paper towel wrapped around it; do not wash until ready to use. It will keep at least 1 week stored this way.

Wash just before using. For most recipes, remove and/or trim stems and then tear or cut crosswise.

Per 1 cup raw chopped, kale has 33 calories and is an excellent source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A and a good source of fiber (soluble and insoluble), potassium, Vitamin B6, and calcium. There is not a significant nutrition difference in varieties of kale.

Use kale in these recipes:


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