“How do I make healthy changes stick?”

Though we usually don’t think about it, the design of our environments—and the choices presented—can have a big impact on our health and well-being.

Many of us want to make lasting changes to improve our well-being. According to exercise physiologist, Jenny Evans, the question to ask is whether our environment facilitates the changes we want to make.

Are there any small, but meaningful, ways you could shape your environment to make the choice that’s right for you the easy, do-without-thinking choice?

Evans tells us:

When we create a default activity aligned with a behavior change we’re trying to make, it’s called an optimal default. Optimal defaults almost guarantee our behaviors and choices support our values and goals, and they happen automatically!

Best of all, opting for a default means we don’t have to over-think a choice and saves willpower.

Here are a few ideas of optimal defaults to get started:

Whether you’re interested in creating personalized optimal defaults or you want support along the way, we’re here for you. Check out our free BeWell consult and coaching services.

Already have ideas about optimal defaults that will help you achieve your goals? We’d love to hear about them!


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