3 Veggie Lunches You’ll Want to Bring to Work

Use our methods to learn how to make easily-packable soups, salads and sandwiches that don’t skimp on flavor.

We get it—packing vegetables for lunch usually isn’t the most appealing option when considering what to eat at work. However, learning a few easy culinary prep methods gives you the power to transform taste without adding much time.

Most importantly, these recipes are all incredibly adaptable. When you find yourself making a same-old staple, substitute a different base vegetable (use what you have in your CSA) or change the dressing, sauce or aromatics. How would you like your vegetables at lunch this week?

  • Roasted in a sandwich: Hide vegetables like eggplant between bread and your favorite spread, dip or pesto.
  • Pureed in a soup: A creamy kohlrabi really showcases this root vegetable’s natural taste, so make sure to use a vegetable you really like!
  • Raw in a salad (in a jar): Get creative and make your own dressing too.

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