Crowd-Pleasing Veggie Sides and Entrees

You know those default vegetable dishes added to the dinner table last minute. Well, these recipes will help you think beyond those standbys.
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Zucchini “Meat”balls

This recipe was adapted from Skinny Taste by Vanessa Oliver, MS., R.D., L.D.

Easy and delicious vegetarian “meat”balls with sautéed zucchini and a simple tomato pan sauce are ideal for special occasions and everyday meals.

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Kale 101

Loaded with vitamin A, C and K, minerals and fiber, there is no question kale is one nutritious vegetable — and it’s available year-round. Whether you continue receiving kale weekly in your Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or picked up a seemingly endless supply at the Lexington Farmers Market, these recipes will help you use all of this hearty green in creative ways. Watch this kitchen demo featuring kale recipes designed for kale lovers and kale newbies alike. Continue reading “Kale 101”

Eggplant 101

If you receive eggplants in your Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or bought these fiber-rich vegetables at the Lexington Farmers Market, you’ll find they are not as bitter as their grocery-store counterparts. Beyond eggplant parmesan and fried eggplant, they are well-suited for roasting. Watch this kitchen demo featuring three delicious side and appetizer dishes made from a simple roasted eggplant recipe. Continue reading “Eggplant 101”

Beets 101

Beets usually elicit a divided reaction — people really like them or not at all. Whether you ended up with them in your Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or purposely picked them out at the Lexington Farmers Market, you’ll be happy to know they’re more versatile than you might think. Watch this kitchen demo featuring several creative beet recipes anyone can make.  Continue reading “Beets 101”