MoveWell member of the month: Stacy Hinchey

Stacy Hinchey, a UK employee who works as a lab manager/tech in pharmacology.

“I move well when I feel the burn in shaping and toning class with Carol. She will definitely challenge you.” — Stacy Hinchey

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More rules, more weight gain?

During the holidays, many of us look outside of ourselves for opportunities to spread goodwill. But what about ways to be kind to yourself?

For many participants in UK Health & Wellness programs, avoiding weight gain is top of mind this time of year and a tricky area to find balance.

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Expand your view, expand your success

Many of us possess qualities we believe to be undeniably unique to us. Whether hard-working or lazy, outgoing or shy, healthy or unhealthy, the list is unlimited. Without a doubt, affixing labels can bring about a sense of comfort. But, what if there is also something to be gained by leaving some room for possibilities?

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Small steps lead to big health gains

What does it mean to be physically active for your health?

“Many of my clients initially believe it means dedicating time to an exercise regimen of some kind – working out at the gym or going on a run,” says UK Health & Wellness Specialist Carrie Davidson, ACSM EP-C, RYT200, who provides free exercise consults and manages the MoveWell fitness program.
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